Is Avast Safe for Android | An In-Depth Detail Review Guide By Expert

Is Avast safe for Android? Yes, in general. Avast is a strong antivirus that offers adequate security protection. Although the free version has many features, it does not guard against ransomware. If you’ve been saving up for the free Android security package that does just about everything? Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus (free, Google Play) comes from the same company that makes free antivirus for PCs and Macs, and it comes with several useful tools and settings.

The editors’ Choice for free Android security apps is because these advantages outweigh its cluttered interface and lock screen issues. Our Editors’ Choice for premium subscription Android security apps is Bit defender Mobile Security and Antivirus. However, is it safe for Android?

Is Avast Safe for Android?

Is Avast Safe For Android

Avast Mobile Antivirus is an application that protects your phone or tablet from viruses, spyware, and other malware. 

The company claims to have 300 million users worldwide; this product has been downloaded over 100 million times and performs over 10 million scans a day without slowing down your device. But does this mean it’s truly compatible with all android devices? Is it true that there are no instances of Avast causing problems among its customer base? This study aims to find out just that.

Avast – A Secure Choice?

Is Avast Safe For Android

Is Avast safe for Android? This question will be answered by taking a look at the app’s permissions and customer reviews. Furthermore, it is important to note that while this application works on smartphones, some antivirus programs do not work on tablets. Thus, we’ll look at both devices to see more clearly whether or not Avast is truly a secure choice among antimalware applications.

Permissions: Can You Trust Avast?

Is Avast Safe For Android

First of all, let’s check out what permissions are granted when you download and install the app from Google Play Store. Permissions indicate how much access an app has on your device–similar to granting everyone who visits your home a key.

The following list shows all the permissions avast needs to function. The most common permissions are marked in bold type.

Android: Permission.INTERNET 

It allows applications to open network sockets required for basic network connectivity such as downloading system updates or synchronizing with an online radio station. 

Android: Permission.READ_PHONE_STATE 

It allows read-only access to the phone state. This can, for example, be used to determine a phone number of a device you are communicating with via calls and SMS messages. For many applications, this permission is not explicitly required. Still, it is highly recommended to have it anyway if the application does anything that involves calling other servers on the internet.

Android: Permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE 

It allows applications to access information about networks. This is normal permission for any application that requires accessing the internet in any way, so this isn’t very alarming permission either.

Android: Permission.READ_LOGS 

It allows an application to read the low-level system log files Avast! Mobile Antivirus claims it needs this permission to be able to “provide more accurate details in case of errors” and will not collect any private data from your device–it just needs read access to your logs.


It allows an application to write to the external storage required for writing files to your SD card.

Android: Permission.WAKE_LOCK

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming. This is normal permission for any app that needs to do things while its user is not being actively used, so it’s nothing alarming either.

Android: permission.GET_TASKS 

It allows an application to retrieve information about currently and recently running tasks. This allows Avast! Mobile Antivirus to check which other apps are running on your device so they can advise you if anything suspicious pops up.

Android: permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

It allows read-only access to the phone state. This can, for example, be used to determine a phone number of a device you are communicating with via calls and SMS messages. For many applications, this permission is not explicitly required. Still, it is highly recommended to have it anyway if the application does anything that involves calling other servers on the internet.

Android: Permission.WRITE_SETTINGS 

It allows an application to modify global system settings. This enables Avast! The mobile Antivirus is to switch airplane mode or enable/disable Bluetooth connections and remind users when they’re in battery saving mode, etc. Nothing too alarming here either–it’s very useful for any app that needs to change network connection settings and can’t ask its user where those settings should be changed.

Android: Permission.CAMERA

It is required for applications to access the camera device. This is normal permission that every app needs to ask for if it wants to take pictures or videos with your device’s built-in camera.


It allows an application to write to the external storage required for writing files to your SD card.

Android: Permission.INTERNET 

It allows applications to open network sockets required for basic network connectivity such as downloading system updates or synchronizing with an online radio station. 

Mobile Security enables you to protect your device against threats detected by our antivirus engine. This might be alarming, but it’s simple: the library performs all the virus scans. What is the process? Permission asks for global read access of running apps (the same thing you get through the “get tasks” permission mentioned above).

Android: Permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE 

It allows modification of the telephony state – power on, MMI, etc. This seems like suspicious permission, but it’s useful for things like checking if your phone was stolen or lost and remotely wiping its data. Although anyone who gets their hands on your phone knows how to use ADB, they can issue the same command themselves).

Android: Permission.READ_LOGS

Allows an application to read the low-level system log files security/SafeSearch/service

Avast SafeSurf is a free web content filter based on OpenDNS that helps protect your children against inappropriate internet content. This one is very interesting because it enables Avast! Mobile Security acts as a proxy for all HTTP and HTTPS traffic within your phone, which means you can’t use any other browser unless it’s configured to connect through this proxy. Or, if someone knows how to configure advanced network settings, they may enable or disable certain ports with a terminal emulator).

This enables Avast! Mobile Security establishes an encrypted tunnel from your device to one of our servers, which means all your internet activity will go through this server. We’ll be able to analyze it better when doing virus scans, etc. 

It does not mean your traffic is logged or shared with anyone else. OpenVPN automatically encrypts all data going through the VPN server before being sent out and decrypted by OpenVPN on the other side so that absolutely nobody can see what you’re doing while using the VPN.

Can Avast Antivirus Slow Down your Computer?

Can Avast Antivirus Slow Down your Computer

The antivirus software from Avast is good. Its Premier plan offers advanced malware protection against infected or malicious files, emails, Wi-Fi networks, and websites.

It also offers more features, such as a webcam guard that stops prying eyes from using your computer’s webcam.

While all Avast’s antivirus programs include several precautions, only Avast Ultimate Security contains a VPN and anti-tracking feature; both featured in lower-priced antivirus software packages.

Combining a range of products with varying subscription lengths to create a cost-effective “full” Avast cybersecurity solution suited for you may be necessary.

Should I install Avast on Android?

Should I install Avast on Android

By monitoring the system for viruses, Avast Mobile Security protects personal information. It also warns you about harmful URLs and uses an integrated firewall to block all suspicious activities. Remote management is possible with Anti-Theft, as well as:

  • Wipe the device’s history.
  • Lock the device.
  • Trigger the alarm.
  • Track the device’s location via GPS.
  • Record audio with a built-in microphone; and other essential features.

The Anti-Theft module, which is tightly integrated with Avast Mobile Security and provides phone and identity theft protection, is among the best on the market.

The tool, previously known as Theft Aware, was proposed by several industry leaders, including T-Mobile, N-TV, Android PIT, and Android Police.

On the other hand, several independent test laboratories have found that antivirus and antimalware protection are less effective than some competing programs. AV-Test gave it a 5 out of 6 rating in the protection test in January 2020.

Its antivirus defense recognized 99.3 percent of the widespread Android malware revealed in the last four weeks and blocked 98.9% of the current Android malware attacks in real-time. This is still better than the industry average but not as good as industry leaders, who have efficiency rates of 99.8% to 100%.

Avast for Android’s free version gives you access to powerful antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware features. It isn’t any worse than the premium version and provides the same level of security. A premium subscription is recommended if you require more sophisticated functions.

What happened to Avast mobile security?

According to download statistics, Avast Mobile Security is one of the most popular Android antivirus apps on Google Play. Its average user rating has climbed somewhat since our last review in 2017, to an amazing 4.6 out of 5.

For the past few years, the company has followed the same business model and design, which has been successful.

The app, available on Google Play under Avast Mobile Security and Avast Antivirus Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner, performs admirably in third-party malware tests and has significantly reduced its system impact.

What Antivirus Software Does Avast Offer?

Avast Mobile Security is still a freemium app, with a fairly feature-rich free tier and the ability to remove adverts and access premium features for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year if you upgrade to the “Pro” level. Avast is still one of the least priced paid Android antivirus alternatives on the market, despite a modest price rise since the last time I examined the program.

The ability to remove adverts is likely the most valuable feature of the Pro tier, although Avast’s anti-theft capabilities, app blocking, and technical help are all useful.

Users who want to use Avast’s Secure Line VPN service can upgrade to Avast Mobile Security’s “Ultimate” level for $39.99 per year or $6.99 per month. Even so, it’s less expensive than Avast’s standalone Secure Line VPN service, which costs $59.99 per year.

Avast also offers both free and premium antivirus software for Windows and Mac. Check out our pages on the best antivirus software for Mac and the best antivirus software in general for the best solutions on either platform. For $119.99 a year, you can get everything (antivirus for Android, Windows, and Mac, as well as unrestricted VPN use) with Avast’s “Ultimate” package.

Avast Cons and Pros

Although Avast Mobile Security is a fairly decent and stable program, it, like any other app, has its own set of flaws and strengths. Let’s look at them more closely.


  • The majority of mobile security features are available for free.
  • For excellent security, reasonable and inexpensive price is available.
  • There are single-device and multi-device options available.
  • Exceptional security and performance against the most common viruses and malware.
  • Technical help is available to assist with any issue.
  • Antimalware protection that is effective


  • The anti-theft module does not always work properly.
  • On some smartphones, call blocking does not work, according to some users.
  • If you use the free version, you will see a lot of advertisements.
  • Avast can drastically impede the performance of older and less powerful devices.
  • There is no cloud or SD card backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if your phone has malware?

In July 2019, Avast Mobile Security received perfect scores in the German independent AV-TEST lab’s tests of Android security products. The program detected 100% of the 3347 “real-time” malware attacks in the past four weeks and 100% of the 3433 samples used.

This puts Avast well ahead of the industry norms, which were 96.8% of real-time threats and 97.6% of newly detected threats for this round of testing. The poor performance of Google Play Protect drove down those averages. Avast was still ahead of the pack even after the anomaly was removed.

Five of the other Android antivirus applications I examined in 2019 sent samples to AV-TEST for their July 2019 roundup. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security likewise obtained a 100/100 detection rate, while Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus and McAfee Mobile Security came in second and third, respectively, with 99.9% and 100% detection rates.

Google Play Protect trailed behind the other apps in the test, scoring the lowest on both metrics: 44.1 percent real-time detection and 54.7 percent widespread detection.

Avast got perfect 100 /100 times in the previous year’s AV-TEST scores and otherwise maintained percentages of 99.7 or above. This is comparable to Kaspersky and Bit defender’s results, and it places them ahead of McAfee but below Norton, the only brand to routinely get a perfect score of 100/100.

Can Android phones get viruses?

In the case of smartphones, we have yet to encounter malware that can propagate itself in the same manner that a PC virus does, and this does not exist on Android; hence, there are no Android viruses technically. There are, however, countless more types of Android malware.

Is Avast mobile security good?

Avast Mobile is a free, full-featured antivirus, firewall, and web protection app for your Android smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to manage your device remotely. It also has a virus database that is updated regularly, an anti-theft module, and various other features in case your device is stolen or lost.

The free version works with all major security tools and has a high level of reliability. You can upgrade to Avast Premium Security or a multi-device plan directly in the app if you like something.

How safe is Avast Antivirus?

Avast antivirus solutions provide a variety of powerful antivirus and antimalware capabilities. On the other hand, Avast antivirus software lacks some cybersecurity capabilities that many other antivirus software providers offer, most notably a VPN.

Avast sells a variety of cybersecurity safeguards that can be used independently or in conjunction with its antivirus software rather than a single comprehensive solution.

Is Avast antivirus safe?

All Android antiviruses should not overburden the device or demand too many system resources to be effective. Avast, how about it? 

The company has greatly improved the product. Avast Mobile Secure will have little impact on most devices.

It barely slowed the device by 3.5 percent. It climbed by about 10% after we did a comprehensive system scan. In any case, it does not appear to freeze the system; in most cases, you will not notice how the application functions.

Avast for Android is among the market leaders in professional tests done by independent laboratories. As a result, AV-Test gave it a score of 6 out of 6 in the performance test. The app did not affect battery life or device performance in normal mode, and it did not generate a lot of traffic.

Bottom line

Due to the multitude of capabilities accessible in the software and the lack of any genuine assistance after installation, Avast remains one of the most complex antivirus applications ever.

You complete the setup in around 6 minutes because the program remains the same and easygoing. Mostly, you’re left to tap around the program to figure out which function to use next.

Technical support for free Avast users can be found on forums and support documentation. One of the benefits of a paid subscription is the opportunity to contact customer care by phone or email at any time.

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