How to Connect to Satellite Internet Free | 6 Step Guide by Expert

To execute this task, you’ll need a satellite dish, a modem coaxial cable, an Ethernet cable, and any software offered by your satellite company. Lets’ learn how to connect to satellite internet free.

The first step is to locate the dual coaxial wires coming from the satellite dish and run them to the location of your computer. The second step is to install the modem that your satellite connection requires. Typically, this is a standalone unit, but it may be a card that you must install inside your computer.

Next, connect the coaxial cables to your modem’s satellite in and satellite out ports. If your lines are not labeled satellite in and satellite out, you’ll need to trace them back to the dish and determine which one should go into which port.

The next step is to connect the satellite modem’s ethernet wire to your computer; you can skip this step if your satellite modem is an internal card. The final step is to install the software provided by your satellite provider and verify that your internet connection is working correctly.

How to Connect to Satellite Internet Free

How To Connect To Satellite Internet Free

Step one

Conduct an Internet search to locate satellite Internet providers in your area. Two well-known providers are HughesNet and WildBlue.

Step two

Compare local specials, monthly costs, and equipment fees. Some companies offer free 30-day trials free installation. On the other hand, other ones offer a complimentary satellite dish. Some others will propose a hybrid of these three possibilities.

Step three

Once the promotional period has expired, you will be expected to pay standard satellite Internet service fees. Depending on the connection’s speed, these can range from $60 to $350 per month. Connection speeds range from 128 Kbps to 300 Kbps.

4th step

Locate suppliers who sell software that enables you to watch satellite television from your computer. SatelliteSoft is one such application.

5th step

  • Make Registration and pay for the information in its entirety. 
  • Download the given program.

Sixth step

Begin viewing. After paying $59.95 to install the software, the remainder is free. This implies that there are no monthly fees or equipment costs related to satellite television.

Is there a tick with this?

There is, in fact, a trick, though it is of limited utility. Remember those early VoIP phone provider cards that required you to enter a code to make cheap international calls? Numerous those employ satellite internet backbones, as seen by the length of time necessary for the other person to hear you.

Some of those companies still operate. They occasionally provide free cards in exchange for a small volume to attract new customers or as part of other promotions.

You may use an old modem to connect to a phone internet provider in another nation. That would be exceedingly slow, and the vast majority of websites would refuse to communicate due to the lag, but you might boast about having established a satellite internet connection.

Regrettably, this only works in locations where you are likely to have direct access to terrestrial internet, and even the slowest connections would be faster.

Satellite Internet is the only option to provide Internet access globally using a single satellite. To begin, you’ll need a satellite dish that doubles as a transceiver. Second, a coaxial wire to connect your satellite dish to your computer. And in the last scene, you’ll require a personal computer, after which you’ll need to configure your devices and begin building up your internet network.

How to Connect to a Satellite?

Consider the following scenario: you search for a website on your computer, and the results are transmitted via the cable connecting the laptop to your satellite dish. The satellite dish will travel to your satellite in space via a reflected signal from the satellite in space; it will also travel near another connected large satellite dish.

From your Internet connection, it will check to see if you have entered the website domain and, if so, it will broadcast to the satellite again. That satellite will communicate to your satellite dish once more, this time via the coaxial line connected to your PC.

Thus, the cycle is perpetuated. Therefore, numerous such companies in the United States manufacture satellite internet equipment and supply it to India.

You must understand that their cost is quite expensive, including taxes.

Consequently, we cannot make it universal, but there is an excellent opportunity to obtain it free in areas without the internet. Rural residents are also utilizing the internet. Satellite Internet is a fantastic concept, and it is going to be quite popular throughout the world.

How to Connect Free Satellite Internet Manually

How to Connect Free Satellite Internet Manually

Installing satellite Internet with your own hands is a multi-stage process. First, mount the satellite dish on the building’s wall or roof. The compass will assist you in selecting the desired position, and the Satellite Antenna Alignment application will establish the satellite coordinates.

The service is provided free of charge and in advance of installing the equipment. The program comes with the precise coordinates of their position and the satellite’s location. So, the service returns the angle, azimuth, and other data necessary for the antenna’s proper orientation.

The DVB card is then plugged into the computer’s PCI slot. It performs the functions of a satellite modem, receiving, converting, and transmitting a signal.

They begin debugging the system unit after the equipment is installed. This is a time-consuming and complicated process. To accomplish this, one person sits in front of the computer and monitors the satellite signal, which the application indicates when it is discovered. At the same time, the other adjusts the dish’s position.

If a single person carries out the configuration, they can pick the sound notification function in the application and modify the antenna themselves. Instead of a DVB card, a USB-connected external card is inserted into the laptop. After completing the installation of all components, the equipment is tested.

An expert takes approximately two hours to ultimately settle the question of how to construct satellite Internet with your own hands.

Benefits to Connect to Satellite Internet Free

Benefits to Connect to Satellite Internet Free

Installing free satellite Internet with your own hands is not difficult; all you need to do has become familiar with the equipment’s instructions. The following are the key benefits of such a connection:

Low traffic costs in comparison to GPRS and DSL; high speed even with poor landline performance; ability to develop faster than terrestrial connections such as GPRS and DSL; ability to connect to satellite TV; link to the Network at any point within the satellite coverage area; quick commissioning of equipment; ease of use.

You will experience all of the benefits of satellite Internet only if you use it independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does satellite internet speed compare to other internet speeds?

In general, satellite internet has advanced significantly over the years). Satellite internet subscriptions with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps are available. Faster internet speeds enable you to watch films, stream Netflix, and play games, as well as support a complete household of internet users.

Bear in mind, however, that because satellite internet has high latency, the speeds are not always as advertised. Other internet types, which rely on more reliable infrastructures to provide faster speeds, may not be accessible in your area. We believe that obtaining one is still worthwhile if you live in a rural area, and even more so if it is your only option.

Internet via DSL can be slower than the internet via satellite. Depending on the provider you choose, DSL speeds range from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps. If you have a DSL provider that uses modern technology, we believe you will have a better DSL experience. However, if your only alternative is slower, outdated DSL, you should investigate satellite internet.

Cable internet is often faster and more affordable than satellite internet. Most cable internet packages offer between 20 and 1,000 megabits per second. However, this may not be an option if you reside in the countryside.

If you have access to fiber internet, there is no reason to consider satellite. You’ll learn more about fiber providers’ astounding speeds and pricing.

What are the finest satellite internet providers?

Viasat (previously Exede Internet) and HughesNet are the only two satellite internet providers in the United States. We discussed why we believe Viasat is the best satellite internet service for most customers in our comparison. To summarize, you’ll get quicker speeds, more data, and lower pricing in most cases. HughesNet, we believe, offers superior value for individuals who do not require a high level of speed.

Starlink is currently launching its satellites and will soon begin offering internet subscriptions. We have high hopes for increased speeds and pricing, but for the time being, we can only speculate.

Is satellite internet a good option?

Satellite internet is an excellent option for those who do not have access to other forms of internet. It is widely available, which is its primary advantage. Satellite internet is not a viable option if you live in an area with cable, fiber, or DSL internet.

What is the cost of satellite internet?

Satellite internet costs between $30.00 and $169.99 each month. However, the price varies depending on the length of your contract and the amount of speed and data you require. The average user will pay roughly $100 per month for satellite internet.

Is satellite internet a fast connection?

While satellite internet is slower than fiber or cable internet, it can reach rates of up to 100 megabits per second. Satellite internet speeds may increase as Starlink develops.

Bottom line

If you possess specific skills, you can install free internet via a satellite dish on your own. However, you will require specialized equipment for these purposes. The satellite does not send a single signal to any particular device but instead sends a stream to all devices capable of receiving it. Subscribers who pay for the service receive information to match the client’s request.

Those interested in free satellite Internet access should remember that this connection type will have a particular format. There will be a great deal of haphazard traffic, which will create some complications. And, while you can use filters to select the necessary files in this situation, this mode of communication is unlikely to provide pleasure or allow you to take advantage of all the internet’s capabilities.

You already know that there is no truly free Internet, and you will not be able to surf the web for free. When people talk about free satellite Internet, they frequently refer to low communication rates at a high rate of speed, the ability to download large amounts of data to your computer for free, and the ability to watch satellite television.

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