How to Browse the Internet on ROKU | A Step By Step Guide

A browser from your Windows 10 PC to the Roku device; is the simple way to use a web browser. It is also the best technique; to broadcast the web browser clearly, with the least resolution distortion. It is possible thanks to a technology known as Miracast; it allows you to project your screen, even in extended mode, to any device that supports this technology, such as Roku. Let’s learn how to browse the internet on Roku.

You can use a Roku web browser, projecting your Android browser to the Roku device. This is possible since the SmartThings app is pre-installed on most of Samsung’s new Android Smartphones. If yours lacks it, you can get it from the Google Play store.

The Roku device does not have a native web browser; as one of its channels. Thus, the Media Browser and Reddit Browser are the only web browsing channels offered. Although neither are full web browsers, they allow you to watch movies, TV shows and listen to music.

Roku connects to the internet through your home network’s wired or wireless connection. It works by downloading content from the internet and displaying it on your TV; it allows you to choose which shows you want to watch and when you want to watch them.

How to Browse the Internet on ROKU

How to Browse the Internet on ROKU

The Roku is an innovative device that has revolutionized the streaming of TV shows, movies, and music. It can be used with various devices like your computer, smartphone, or tablet for better navigation. The device comes with a simple remote, but if you want more options, then you can use an app installed on your Android, iOS, or Windows phone/tablet for this purpose. To find out how to use the app, please follow these steps:

  • Tap on the ‘home button.
  • A list of applications appears. Now press the ‘internet’ icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • The default homepage of the application will open up.
  • You can see your favorite websites listed here.
  • Touch on the website you wish to visit, and it will open up in a new tab.

How to Browse Internet Using Roku Remote

How to Browse the Internet on ROKU

If you like using the remote instead of an app, then follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘home,’ find the ‘internet’ icon at the top left corner, and press OK.
  • From here, please select your preferred browser (Safari or Google Chrome), which will open it up in full-screen mode.
  • On either of the sides, you can access options related to that particular website by pressing the ‘More’ option given below the navigation buttons.
  • Here you can access ‘add shortcuts, ‘ which allows you to add your favorite websites for fast access.
  • You can also open up your bookmarks by clicking on the book symbol next to the home button.

How to Browse Internet Using Roku Mobile App

How to Browse Internet Using Roku Mobile App

You can follow these steps to browse using the app:

  • Go to the device where Roku is installed and tap on the home button, after which you need to select ‘internet.’
  • As soon as you click this, an option will appear asking if you want to use the mobile browser or Roku app. Tap on ‘app’ in that case.
  • Now you can see applications Google Chrome (which works well with iPhone) and Safari (with iPad). Select the one which you want to use.
  • Now your Roku’s browser will open up in a new window. If this is not what you wanted, click on ‘x’s given at the window’s top right corner. Then you can explore other options like watching videos, playing games, customizing your home screen, etc.

How to add/Remove Favorites using Roku Mobile App

How to add/Remove Favorites using Roku Mobile App
  • Open the application page by following step one described above.
  • Navigate to the book symbol given at the end of all applications listed there. It looks like a book having two arrows on each side of its back cover.
  • Once inside the bookmarks section, you can add a favorite by tapping the ‘+’ button. This will open up a new window from where you can add websites according to your choice.
  • You can remove any bookmark from here by selecting it and then removing it from the list.
  • If you want to manage existing bookmarks, just open a particular application and go to its options given at the end of each option available there. From that menu, tap on ‘Rename.’ After this, select ‘Done’ written in blue color. You will then be asked for confirmation, so type ‘okay’ and press done again after verifying the name.
  • Here you can edit the website address, rename the bookmark or delete it.

Is there a Web Browser for Roku?

Is there a Web Browser for Roku

Roku, which debuted in 2008, is a popular digital platform that allows you to stream media from numerous websites. However, when it comes to browsing, it only offers a restricted number of options.

Because it doesn’t include a built-in web browser, we may have a few options for you. Here are the best Roku web browsers to enhance your browsing experience.


On Roku devices, Opera offers a hassle-free online browsing experience. To use Opera, you need to connect the streaming device to your Windows PC and use any ordinary keyboard to search, just like any other normal online browser. It is one of the best Roku browsers because of its lightweight design and fast engine, responding to user queries as quickly as possible. In addition, its great connection with VPN services; allows consumers to unblock endless entertainment material while preserving their digital identity.

Thus, it offers a simple user interface; it has a YouTube video pop-up feature, experiences fast web browsing, and for privacy, it uses a secure VPN. But, on the other hand, the setup procedure takes time and effort.

Internet Explorer X

Web browser X is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers on Roku, with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. However, if you want to watch multimedia or YouTube, it won’t work very well. As for web pages, you can quickly browse websites, save your favorite pages and perform a variety of things.

So, it sends pages with clickable links, allows you to bookmark the home page, and makes online browsing easier. On the downside, the pages render quite well, although the formatting is a bit off, with an outdated user interface.

PRISM Web Browser

PRISM is another popular Roku web browser that allows you to access the internet. However, when it comes to the interface, it provides a simple and conventional outlook.

Web Video Caster 

You can use Web Video Caster to browse websites, watch TV shows, live streams, and more. It’s a premium program that will cost you about $4.99 per month in subscription fees, but it’s worth it.

Web Video Caster provides smooth integration with Roku TV, which can enhance your browsing experience. It supports photos and audio files, and captions are automatically identified on the web page. You can also use the built-in search from

In addition to Roku, it supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA receivers, and other devices. Bookmarks, video history, home screen shortcuts, and other features are available in the Premium edition and allow you to stream local videos from your phone. However, like the Chromecast extension, it does not support tab streaming.

Media Browser for Roku

It will allow you to browse the internet without any hindrance, even content-heavy websites. Of course, it would help if you had a Media Browser server installed and running on a local network to use it. Keep updating the web browser with minor updates such as live TV, photo slideshows, remote control from other Media Browser applications, etc.

Roku Channel #6

It is the largest web browser accessible today, allowing you to watch a wide range of material on its platform. Not only can you browse the web with ease, but you can also watch the latest news, listen to music and stream your favorite material. Unlike most web browsers, Roku gets most of its material from Yahoo and keeps users up to date with recent changes.

How do I get Google on my Roku?

How do I get Google on my Roku

Since Roku devices are compatible with all major streaming services, Google Play Movies and TV have their own Roku channel that you can download and use. So, after installing the Google Play Movies app on Roku, you need to link it to your Google account at You will also be asked for a payment method during the registration process, although you won’t be charged unless you buy something.

Unfortunately, there is no official Google Play Music app for Roku. As a result, the only alternative left is to stream Google Play Music directly to your Roku device from an Android phone or Windows PC. Additionally, you will need to control playback from your phone or computer; rather than from the Roku TV remote.

From Android, follow these steps to listen to Google Play Music on a Roku.

  • Make sure your Android phone and Roku device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Swipe down on the notification bar of your Android device.
  • Tap the Cast button.
  • Choose your Roku from the list of available devices.
  • Alternatively, if you are using Windows, follow these steps:

Make sure your Windows PC and your Roku device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the Settings application.
  • Select System > Display.
  • Scroll to the Multiple Displays option.
  • Connect to a wireless display by clicking the Connect to Wireless Display button.
  • Select your Roku device from the available options.
  • You don’t need to do anything on the Roku device as long as you are using Roku OS 7.7 or later – mirroring will start automatically.

There is, once again, no official Google Photos app for Roku. This time, though, you can utilize a Roku Channel Store third-party app.

PhotoView for Google Photos is a small, unfinished piece of software in late 2016. It now has official “partner” status with the Google Photos app and is easy to access your photos on a Roku. It supports your Google Photos albums and has a search function. When your Roku is not in use, you can use the app’s screensaver to play your pictures in a slideshow.

Although we’re sure many people wish it were feasible, there’s no way to get the Google Play Store on your Roku device.

This is due to the underlying services that the Play Store is based on. Google Services Framework, Google Account Manager, and Google Play Services would have to be installed on your Roku, none of which are accessible now. If you need to have Chrome on your TV screen, you will need to mirror your screen from another device with Miracast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I browse the internet on my Roku TV?

Unfortunately, a Roku device does not have a native web browser as one of its channels. As a result, only two web browsing channels are available: the Media Browser and the Reddit Browser. The Media Browser lets you watch movies, TV shows and listen to music. It is essentially a video browser for the internet.

What web browser does Roku use?

The Roku Channel Store only contains two internet browsers. If you want one of them, they are Web Browser X and Poprism Web Browser. You can also use Chrome via Screencast.

How to browse the internet on TCL Roku TV?

When you cast your Android smartphone, you will see the Smart View status in your Android notifications. Next, launch your preferred browser app and start browsing. Your Roku device will display your mobile web browser on the TV. Now you can display anything from your online browser on your TV.

How do I install the web browser on Roku?

Go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for the “Web Video Cast” browser app; to get started, download and run the app. Then, like on a phone or computer, use the browser.

Can the internet be downloaded on Roku?

Using a native browser on the device, no; their apps only allow you to stream videos, movies, and music; to browse, you must download or use third-party options.

Bottom line

Roku is a very good product if you want to transform your TV into more of an internet-based type. You can browse the web with its browser, watch videos on YouTube or Netflix and even play online games using Roku’s latest app/feature called ‘PlayStation Now.’ The process I have just described will also work on any other device running Roku. Just search for the application in the Play Store, iTunes Store, Windows Store, etc., depending on which operating system your device runs on.

I hope this article helped explain how to browse the internet on Roku. Please share it with others who don’t know about such things and help them learn as well!

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