How Many Joules Should A Surge Protector Have For A Computer?

A surge protector is an AC power supply unit that protects sensitive electronic equipment against power surges. This surge protector protects your equipment such as computers and televisions from surges that can travel over electrical wires and enter your home through electrical outlets. This blog will provide you with a brief overview of a surge protector, how it works, and how many joules it should have for your computer.

What Type Of Surge Protector Is It? 

How Many Joules Should A Surge Protector Have For A Computer

Surge protector designed to guard appliances, such as TVs and computers, against power surges. A power spike is an unexpected increase in the flow of electricity, which can damage your device. A surge protector is available in various shapes and sizes, and some are battery-powered. Some areas are simple as plugging it into the wall socket, while others are as complex as plugging a bunch of electronic devices together.

How do Surge Protectors work?

How Many Joules Should A Surge Protector Have For A Computer

A surge protector protects electronic devices from sudden voltage spikes or surges. There are different surge protectors, each designed to handle specific voltage levels. Most surge protectors are easy to use: Plug the device into the outlet and the surge protector into the wall. 

The surge protector has an indicator light, one or more outlets, and a switch that turns the device on and off. When power surges occur, the surge protector absorbs the excess energy and then diverts it to the grounding wire connecting to Earth. It keeps the surge from reaching your device.

What Is Joules? 

How Many Joules Should A Surge Protector Have For A Computer

Joules is a unit of energy. One joule equals the force exerted by a unit of newton acting on a body for one meter. It is equivalent to the work done by applying a force of 1 newton for each meter (N⋅M).

Why Are Joules Important?

Why Are Joules Important

One joule (J) is a unit of energy amounting to work done when the point of application of one newton of force moves a distance of one meter in the direction of the force. The energy required to apply one newton over a distance of one meter defines an ampoule. 

A joule is also equivalent to the energy transferred by a force of one newton acting through a distance of one meter.

How Many Joules Can Make A Surge Protector? 

How Many Joules Can Make A Surge Protector

The specifications of a particular surge protector will vary from model to model. A surge protector isn’t going to be a very powerful energy source. It can’t produce very much energy. Depending on the model’s specs you’re looking at, the outcomes will vary. If its maximum energy output is 1000 joules, it will produce 1000 joules of energy in a surge. It’s not dangerous for causing electrocution or a fire. However, it could cause smoke damage and could blow a fuse.

The Joules Rating Of a Surge Protector

Many people mistakenly assume the greener the badge of a surge protector, the better it will be. In truth, the joules rating has no relevance to the effectiveness of the surge suppressor. Surge protectors work. They have a MOV component that acts as a capacitor and stores charge during the power surge. The MOV capacitor will dump all stored charges in the wire and neutralize the electrical noise.  

The problem is that since the MOV component is connected to the wire when it dumps the charge, the wire will get hot. It will damage the wire in the long run.

The standard MOV component can only handle a certain amount of heat, and it recommends you not buy a surge protector that is over 900 joules. The higher joules rating also means that the larger surge protector might not fit into a tight wall socket. It may be worth purchasing a surge protector with a delivery rating of fewer than 750 joules.

Surge Protector Ratings Explained 

Surge Protector Ratings Explained 

Many people use a surge protector to protect their electronics from power surges and spikes. However, when it comes to a surge protector’s ratings, the joules rating might not always be the most reliable indicator of the device’s level of safety. The joules rating are the energy that a surge protector can absorb from an impending surge. 

A rating of 1000 joules is the minimum level of power protection you should look for when shopping for a surge protector, if the rating is 1500 joules or higher, the surge protector will offer more protection for your sensitive electronics. In addition, you can also look for a surge protector that includes a current rating of 15 or higher to ensure that the device can absorb the maximum amount of power.

What Are The Guidelines To Choose The Right Surge Protector? 

  • Every device connected to a surge protector draws power from the outlet, making it a shared energy source.
  • A surge protector essentially filters the outlet’s voltage and prevents the flow of electricity to your devices.
  • Some surge protectors have switched to turn off the power to specific devices that might be turned on but not in use.
  • A surge protector will also protect your appliances in the event of an outage, in which case an outage switch can use to enable or disable the power.
  • Surge protectors are most recommended for many homes and small companies because of their limited outlets.
  • The computer surge protector has more than 1000 joules. It is a lot more than the average.
  • It is built with the most advanced technology to protect your devices against electrical surges.
  • It has a built-in circuit that detects most electrical surges and disconnects them from your devices. It means it will protect your devices even when you are not around.

How to Choose a Surge Protector for Your Business?

A business surge protection device must handle the maximum voltage level that particular businesses or households face. It should handle the load’s maximum amperage at its top-load level. 

A business surge protector is a device that protects the business against power surges and sudden power interruptions. For example, a power surge may occur when required refrigerators, heaters, computers, and air conditioners switching on. The power surges that can damage equipment cause a voltage difference between the voltage of the power source and the equipment.

How Many Joules Should A Surge Protector Have For A PC?

It depends on how much power your computer draws. For a desktop computer, you need a surge protector with a rating of around 1400-1800 J. The joule rating is an influential factor of the surge protector’s strength. That said, the most modern surge protectors will work just fine if you install 1-3 devices on them. If you want more, you will need a sturdier protector. 

When purchasing a surge protector, check the “Limited Lifetime Warranty” for it. Since surge protectors are mechanical devices, you don’t want to end up with a dud after a couple of years. The more manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, the more likely it is that the protector will last you long. Also, check how many joules the surge protector has. 

The joule rating of the surge protector depends on the number of joules needed to stop the surge. A surge protector with a more excellent surge rating can absorb a higher amount of power. Usually, it’s best to purchase a power strip with a high joule rating.

When Should You Replace Your Surge Protector? 

According to Underwriter Laboratories, consumer products should replace after ten years. However, it depends on the usage too. It recommends replacing it if you have noticed the power supply cord is frayed or shows signs of severe damage. If you start finding yourself resetting the circuit breaker more often than before, that may also be a sign that it’s time to replace your surge protector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Surge Protection Do You Need For Your Computer?

  • Four surge protectors (every second counts!)
  • Two surge protectors (one can never be too safe).

Does A Surge Protector Protect Your PC From Lightning?

  • Surge protectors are there to protect against electrical spikes. 
  • It will only protect against sudden surges. 

What Is Kind Of Surge Protector Best For Computers?

  • The kind that comes with a cord, particularly one with a long cord.
  • One that is makes my computer look cool and saves me space.

Do You Need A Surge Protector For Laptop?

Yes, it can effectively prevent your laptop from damaging a power surge.


In selecting a surge protector, it is important to consider the energy rating of the device. The more protection, the better it will be because many surges happen outside of your house, and you want to be safe from them as well. This rating indicates the maximum energy a device can safely absorb.  

A device with a higher energy rating can safely handle more energy than a lower rating. For example, a device rated for 1780 joules is better at protecting against surges than a device rated for 720 joules. A surge protector rated for 1080 joules or higher will suit most needs.

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