About Us

Tech Info City is a popular technology blog that was created with information seekers in mind. Here, we discuss various tech-related topics, including various forms of software, computers, the internet, and much more. We also give tech news and analysis to a group of computer power users, tech fans, IT stakeholders, and PC enthusiasts interested in learning more about technology and keeping up with the newest digital trends. Here, we usually host a large number of monthly visitors.

Tech Info City is a website dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in global technology. It covers everything from cutting-edge technology to the current digital lifestyle trend. We’ll keep delivering you trustworthy tech information and reviews and thought-provoking analysis since we’re unique, informative, and fresh. Tech Info City is also a blog for people interested in technology but doesn’t live in it. It’s aimed at readers who are fascinated by technology but don’t worry about living and breathing it.

We strive to create informative and enjoyable content, free of the jargon that may make technical information tedious. You don’t need to be a professional in technology or have a lot of spare time to enjoy Tech Info City: The articles you’ll find here will be highly detailed and to-the-point too.

Our Mission

At Tech Info City, we’re committed to reaching our objectives by cultivating an active, positive, and results-oriented work atmosphere that prioritizes long-term connections. The results we deliver to clients are how we gauge our performance. Our values are based on a dedication to providing excellent customer service by blending entrepreneurial flair with the personalized service of a fast-growing tech company.

Our Vision

Tech Info City’s vision is to be the premier provider of IT knowledge and the preferred location for online tech professionals. We work hard to construct collaborative collaborations built on openness and mutual trust, resulting in long-term client engagements. We’re devoted to these ideals as we grow since they’ve served our firm and clientele well throughout the years.

Our purpose

We attempt to write the most accurate and relevant articles possible at Tech Info City. Everything we write is based on extensive study, hands-on experience, and decades of knowledge from our team of experts. Before we publish anything, we test every piece of software we propose and double-check everything. Please email us if an article has become obsolete or has another problem, and we will correct it.

At Tech Info City, we adhere to stringent journalistic ethics as well. We never take money as an inducement to create an article, and we never suggest things because we have an affiliate relationship.

Companies occasionally send us review units, but we never accept anything in exchange for a review. Any adverts on our website are appropriately labeled as “Advertisement,” Any sponsored content is openly labeled as “Sponsored.” The editorial staff does not write sponsored content. Our editorial department is distinct from the company’s business operations, allowing us to preserve editorial standards.

Why should you believe our recommendations?

At Tech Info City, we obtain our technical advice and product suggestions from the same team of professionals who have helped hundreds of millions of people fix their electronics for over a decade.

We are never compensated for endorsing a product. Our editorial team shares recommendations that we sincerely believe in based on our firsthand experiences and extensive analysis of the technology scene.

We utilize affiliate links frequently, as do other websites. We may receive a commission if you purchase a product after clicking on an affiliate link. Our editorial team chooses all of our product suggestions without taking affiliate ties into account.

Meet the team

Tech Info City serves a broader audience than the typical techie. Many people who don’t care about technology rely on Tech Info City’s dozens of writers and editors for information on their next iPhone, how to fix their laptop, and so on. Here are the people who make it all happen, as well as the integrity, equity, and moral standards they aim to follow. Our editors also create some of the most in-depth reviews, features, and technical articles available online. Tech Info City has operated with complete editorial independence for a long time, providing complete openness to our visitors about what we do and how we function.

Thus, we invite you to meet some of our team members:

Phil, Executive Editor, and Founder


Phil is the founder and Executive Editor of Tech Info City. Phil founded Tech Info City as a result of his passion for computer hardware and 3d animation. Phil has also been a part of the internet computer enthusiast community for over 20 years and is an avid reader of all things tech. He leads the employees behind the scenes and drives good editorial techniques through his editing position on Tech Info City. Phil is an information systems master’s degree holder. He enjoys basketball, soccer, and cross-fit in his spare time. In the last decade, he’s also invested in various tech businesses.

Anthony A. Pittman, Senior Writer

Anthony A. Pittman

Anthony A. Pittman works at Tech Info City as a Senior Writer. Anthony A. Pittman has been writing about consumer technology for nearly three decades on the internet. Anthony A. Pittman ran his publication and oversaw a small team of journalists that reviewed dozens of tech products before joining Tech Info City. Anthony A. Pittman has always had a fascination with computers and technology. In the late 1990s, he became interested in case modding and over clocking. Anthony A. Pittman is passionate about writing and photography and drag racing, basketball, and mixed martial arts.

Bob, Contributing Editor


Bob is a Tech Info City Contributing Editor. He started his computing career in 1981 with a Sinclair ZX81 and has never turned back. When Microsoft released Windows XP, Bob began writing articles about PC technology, particularly graphics cards. He worked for various companies, assisting them in the creation of 3DMark assistance files and overseeing their gaming and hardware department. Bob now spends his days lecturing in Mechanical Engineering and his nights writing about 3d models, technology, and scientific knowledge at Tech Info City.

In all, Tech Info City is a blog that provides people with accurate information about software, computers, the internet, and other topics. We cordially invite you to join us today, as we promise you a memorable adventure.